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4 February 2009

About Cognos

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Running Cognos (yg terinstal di Unix)
– install XMing (or XManager)
– edit \XMing\X0 –> tambahkan host (default: localhost)
– jalankan XMing
– buka PuTTy, masukkan IP dimana cognos diinstal, set enable X11
– login
– jalankan/buka Cognos Configuration dgn command:
[user@server ~]# /opt/cognos/c8/bin/
– akan tampil GUI Cognos Configuration –> Start
– jalankan service apache
[user@server ~]# /usr/local/apache2/bin/apachectl start
– test cognos on the web
– OK

Export Package & Report
– Cognos Administration->Configuration->Content Administration->New Export->(name & location) Next->(Select Public folders…) Next->(add) Next->…

Import Package & Report
– copy .zip (package & report) hasil export ke server (/opt/cognos/c8/deployment/)
– Cognos Administration->Configuration->Content Administration->New Import->(select package & report) Next->Next->…->(view) Finish


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